Keynote Speaker

Theresa Rose

Imagine your to-do list is done. Your day – no, your WEEK – is highly productive.  And the energizer bunny is jealous of your energy levels. That describes personal development expert Theresa Rose on a slow day.

Like most people, Theresa used to look for more hours in the day and dreaded the tasks on her to-do list. And then she discovered how the power of mindfulness reduced distractions and increased her ability to get more done in less time. Since then she has worked with organizations from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies to increase productivity and boost bottom-line results.

Today, Theresa is an energizing catalyst who transforms cultures and mindsets for growth-minded organizations and individuals to play big and create the outcomes they want. She will help you cut through the noise to become a high performing ninja while figuring out how to actually relish life instead of enduring it.

Theresa has seen how the power of mindfulness can create exponential growth in your business and in your personal life. She knows the secret to milking more out of the day so you can enjoy every To-Do.

For an idea of what sort of keynote address you might expect at the 2018 Women Changing the Face of Agriculture event, review the following video of 2017 keynote speaker Elzandi Oosthuizen, Vice President of Global Geographic Strategy, Monsanto Company.


Women Changing the Face of Agriculture provides career advice and direction for young women in high school and college who are thinking about a career in agriculture. At the conference, women learn more about careers in the industry, network with women from across the country, and interact with others interested in similar careers. To learn more about the conference, visit or email us.