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Registration is Open!

Make sure you get your FFA or young adult group registered for our March 9, 2018 event at the University of Illinois from 8-4:30 pm. Spaces are limited so don't wait!

Sponsor Today

Members of Illinois Agri Women are already planning for 2018! If your business is interested in helping defray expenses of this exciting and dynamic opportunity, learn more by clicking below. We anticipate connecting with 600 participants and over 200 presenters in 2018.  Donations will be used to underwrite event costs and apply directly to programs and scholarships for young women pursuing educational opportunities in “STEAM” related careers.   Learn More

Honoring STEM Excellence

The Illinois AgriWomen are proud to support student achievement in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math through student competitions in conjunction with the Illinois FFA Foundation, Illinois 4-H Foundation and Girl Scouts of Illinois. Learn more!

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Thanks to WAND, who will be this year's media sponsor!


INTERACT with women in agriculture.

LEARN more about careers in the industry.

NETWORK with many women across the country.

Who should attend?

The Women Changing the Face of Agriculture conference is designed for young women in high school and college who are interested in a career in agriculture. Group registration is available for collegiate groups, FFA chapters, and 4-H clubs.

Watch our 2017 Keynote Address!

Meet Keynote Speaker Theresa Rose!

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Thanks to Kubota, who will be sponsoring this year's keynote speaker!